The Dark Matter Project – Beauty of Man

The Dark Matter Project – Beauty of Man

Continuing my Dark Matter series I collaborated with two amazing poets @beingupile and @sannaarman to interprete the beauty of being a man.



The Dark Matter Project

Experiencing love

I am in love and I have never been more myself. Maybe they’ll say I went soft. But

where’s the fault in that? People are meant to soften for each other, to show a

tenderness because finding love is finding something right in the world.

What do I need to be tough for?

The Dark Matter Project

Opening up to love

No one talks about the concrete that made room for the flower,

so there you have it

something as tough as concrete can soften enough

to let a beautiful thing grow through it.

The Dark Matter Project


Reflecting on how love has changed you

No one told me that love could feel as part of you as skin. I am sorry, I began this story

with anger. See, they told me to always have my fingers in fist form and my heart in my

belly. Love has to be approached like war. Hide your softness, bury your burdens.

Prepare yourself for battle. And there you were, with your softness, with your burdens,

with your arms ready to give, ready to take. What a glorious thing you’ve shown me –

how to love fully.



The Dark Matter Project

I've been to war

With voices within

Men without

Even gods beyond

War used to creep in

Uninvited through my window

Pierce sharply into my skin

And find my soul unguarded

But I haven't fought lately

Though my window remains open

My skin has found its voice

Soft enough to sing my soul to calm

Yet loud enough to shield it from the storm


The Dark Matter Project


Be a man they said

Be a real man

Feel less, Flex more

Be indifferent to that which is beautiful

Touch only that which makes you a man

Makes you manly

Don't let them see

Not your scars

Nor the flowers that bloom within

I heard them

I was them

Before I regurgitated their man

And became my own man.


The Dark Matter Project

Evasive as she was

I looked for her

All I knew was her name

So to far away lands I travelled in vain


One day I stopped

Tired of searching for beauty

I occupied the spaces

I had set aside for her


It was then I heard her voice

I knew it was her

When I listened closely

And saw her reflection in me.